World famous HAUSER Jig Grinding Machines for high accuracy applications. X-Tech Precision is the sole distributor for Hauser in South East Asia. We offer sales, service and application support worldwide.


​TRAVEL X-Y AXIS: 550 X 300 mm

​Unsurpassed rigidity, the new HAUSER 2000. This new machine is designed with optimal mass repartition for the highest performance and precision. Bridge type design with the vertical spindle positioned in the center of the bridge. The table axes X and Y are located on the base, this enabling a much stiffer bridge. Grinding and milling is now fully efficient.

HAUSER H45-400
TRAVEL X-Y AXIS: 700 X 500 mm
HAUSER H55-400
TRAVEL X-Y AXIS: 1,300 X 800 mm

All models with hydrostatic spindle and linear motor for Z-axis stroke and can be equipped with the following options:

  • ATC automatic tool changer
  • MSS system
  • 70S spindle ( 9'000 to 70'000 rpm) and HSK25 taper
  • Milling capabilities
  • 5 axes interpolation
  • Unlimited taper grinding angle
  • CBN dressing 
  • Measuring probe for best fit part setup
  • Rotary tilting table, A - B axes
  • Heavy duty 40S spindle for large wheel and milling
  • High speed air turbines up to 130'000 rpm
  • Pallet changer